Exhibition Design

Project, Georgia Hardinge Concept Store

Spatial Designer, Studio Lucy Sanderson  

Georgia’s collections are incredibly feminine and sculptural. Using the technical disciplines of architecture to the body. The concept for Georgia’s Flagship Store on St Christophers Place echos the same juxtaposition of design aesthetic. The site is situated in the borough of Westminister, one the the most sort after post codes. Exposing the sustainable materials normally covered during installations and found in their raw singular state on building sites the other familiar face of 21st Century borough of Westminster shows a store that has been repurposed to reflect, celebrate and counteract the existing.

Repeating the folds, shapes and pleats of the clothing but offering simply a canvas for Georgia’s work to shine becomes the groundwork that connects the space to the existing using aluminium recessed hanging units, exposed peach foam assists in a linear navigation. Foil wrapped foam bounces views of the collection and mirrors offer more animation and double vision to the space. An angular perspex walls act as a cabinet to preserve the grade two listed building whilst displaying parts of Georgia’s key collection.

Marble floor vinyl and sculptural seating brings a new design language to long forgotten products and offers a secondary use. The till is made from stacked perspex and the table for accessories is layered piping insulation with a perspex lid. The lighting is direct and warm. The front facade becomes a talking point for the store, a vinyl transparent curtain that floats in the wind how Georgia’s dresses contour the body and provides curiosity to the shopping demographic.

The gender-neutral changing rooms becomes an instagram destination, a mirrored room with an infinity wall in hand offers infinite selfie opportunities.

The concept of the space is about protecting the existing and celebrating the new also though a sensorial experience which is reflected in the stores personal fragrance and sound design is a lasting resonance.