Exhibition Design

Project, Huawei 

Designer, Studio Lucy Sanderson

Producer, Cat Crawford

Dazed x Huawei announced the finalists o ‘Reveal the Real You’ – a one-of-a-kind initiative shining a light on a new generation of budding photographers selflessly using their grassroots skills to support local communities.

Chosen from a shortlist of 20 these three photographers – Anthony Shintai Amao, Sahvannah Amaka and Kat Collings – rose to the challenge of capturing the people and things they care about most by artfully snapping a series of ten images with the Huawei P10 phone, a handset co-engineered with Leica. They will now be gifted £10,000 which will go directly to a cause of their choice, related to the photo story they produced.

The finalists represent a new generation of visual talent that Dazed x Huawei are keen to nurture as part of the ongoing Project Possible– talented young people who aren't afraid to think outside the confines of their direct experience and understand how tech and creativity can combine to extraordinary effect.

Through their photography, they've taken us out of our comfort zone and into the worlds they inhabit. Their lenses have graced breakdancing icons, the rippling muscles of contemporary dancers bodies and the buzzing multicultural jazz scene that currently exists in London.

The artist’s work was hung from the ceiling using wire and bulldog clips not to impact on the characterful walls. Large sheets of black perspex installed with white vinyl lettering gave a description of the each artists work - each perspex sheet leaned against the wall, separating each body of work and acted as a barrier when navigating the space. A central podium of plinths allowed visitors to engage with Huawei products.